Luminox watches are the top trusted essential gear for the toughest, elite forces worldwide. They are specifically designed for the high adrenaline seeker of adventurous activities and are dependable under extreme conditions. Luminox watches are worn by ultimate sportsmen to withstand the most rugged conditions and developed the first Navy SEALS series in 1993. Luminox watches are made with materials such as: Titanium, Stainless Steel, PC Carbon and Anti-Reflective Crystals.

Luminox watches have different time zone capabilities, which can be set accordingly. These Swiss made watches are water and shock resistant, have lithium long, life battery of 8+ years and have the Luminox Light Technology system which is a 25 year illumination feature unique to Luminox. The Illumination feature can be seen underwater or in the dark up to 25 years continuous, guaranteed glow.

The deep dive watches have a helium valve that allows the release of helium when resurfacing as the pressure increases. Luminox have Limited Edition watches, as well as Dive Sets with interchangeable straps.




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