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At Nature Coast Jewelers, we value your patronage, and we value your trust. You get great atmosphere and customer service. And, when available, we can even provide on-the-spot sizings, repairs and cleanings. We can design and remount your precious stones, turning your precious stones into a custom piece of jewelry. We’re fully insured with (3) D.C.A certified diamontologists. David was trained at Stewart School for Jewelers in Jupiter, FL, where he earned his jeweler certification. He is qualified in jewelry repairs, diamond and gemstone setting and casting of jewelry.

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This was a tough one! It’s 14k white gold eternity band with diamonds and sapphires. The 10 diamonds are all different sizes from 2 mm to 3.5 mm.

This was completely custom made by melting down a white gold mans ring and setting 5 diamonds from a tennis bracelet. She wanted the band to have a rustic look but yet be fashion forward!!

Some of our handy work at Nature Coast Jewelers. This 14k shackle earring was handmade for a ship’s captain.

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