Kameleon Jewelry is a charming, interchangeable jewelry collection, which includes rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and pins uniquely crafted with sterling silver. Kameleon Jewelry is able to be a customized piece by choosing one of their distinctively colorful Jewel Pops. Jewel Pops are small gemstone inserts that are intricately set with enamel designs that will fascinate. Jewel pops are crafted with Swarovski crystals that sparkles, Murano glass that shines, cubic zirconia of various colors and enameled patterns. Kameleon Jewel Pops pop easily into each piece of the Kameleon jewelry line to create a piece as unique as you are. Kameleon donates a portion of each jewelry sale to a non-profit environmental group and all Kameleon packaging is made to be 100% recyclable.

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