Marahlago Manta Ray Necklace


The Manta ray is fun and curious and not harmful. He only wants to see what you are up to and why you are visiting him.  It is good to be like the Manta Ray, curious without fear and ready to investigate your surroundings.  Manta Rays are also so cute, aren’t they? Check out that tail! This is the perfect gift for someone going away on a new adventure. Or perhaps just a lovely present for you, because it makes you happy. This Manta Ray pendent is created from two cut pieces of Larimar that have been bezel set in Sterling Silver and the whole piece has been polished up to a high shine.

To own a beautiful piece of Larimar is like owning a small bit of the ocean.  This necklace includes an easily adjustable 21″ Rhodium plated snake chain with easy sliding mechanism and lobster clasp that can be set to work with any neckline.

As part of what makes Larimar uniquely special, the gemstone color in your piece will vary slightly from those pictured.  If you are trying to match the stone color in an existing Larimar jewelry piece, please get in touch with us or, better still, bring it with you and visit us in person.

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